Bringing brands to life.

Brand Positioning

At Bake, I use creative storytelling to strategically position brands.

My mission is to help you gain a clear understanding of your identity, enabling you to articulate your business with confidence through consistent, focused messaging.

And I do this by having some fun with words and pictures.

I collaborate with decision-makers of SMEs, funded start-ups, and philanthropists worldwide to refine and elevate their brand positions, ensuring an engaging and impactful presence in the market.


“Bake went beyond the brand, using games and storytelling to deepen our own understanding and thinking about our work and broker common cause amongst the four founders”.

Chris – Forgotten Foods CIC

By focusing on the foundational stage that precedes marketing, I specialise in strategically positioning your brand within its marketplace, ensuring that your purpose resonates deeply within your company’s culture and ultimately wins customer loyalty.

Regardless of the approach – be it through compelling copy, strategic script-writing, eye-catching design, captivating animation, impactful social media campaigns, or engaging film production – I work collaboratively with you to guide your brand into the desired emotional space within your customers’ minds.

As a writer and producer, my passion lies in crafting stories with targeted messaging that reverberates through the hearts and minds of your target audience.

It can be fun, too! Utilising Bake’s in-house brand positioning game, I assist clients in tightening their brand positioning, gaining clarity on their audience, and mapping out compelling stories to make meaningful connections.




Bake helps brands to rise

The recipe


  • Brand Ingredients – discovering the raw components of your business.
  • Brand Positioning – aligning your business’s direction, vision, and purpose. 
  • Brand Identity – bringing clarity to your messaging through words and visuals. 
  • Brand Personality – delivering consistency across all customer touch-points.
  • Brand Story – giving your whole team the confidence to celebrate your identity.
  • Emotional Branding – find ways to sell feelings not products.
  • Brand Culture – bringing your team together with a shared purpose. 
  • Brand Bible / Brand Book – an eye catching set of guidelines to share.
  • Creative Strategy – turning your story into content across your social media channels.
  • The Brand Movie – turning heads and capturing hearts.

In short – I give your brand a purpose that flows between people and across time.

Where I work

I’m based near the charming city of Norwich, Norfolk – yet my clients span the globe – from London and New York to Cairo, Paris and beyond!